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A new single release!

Posted 29 Jun 2014 in News

Here’s a cover art for our new single. The song will be released 4.7.2014, so stay tuned! Find out more on - Crimfall-

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Sara is the new singer!!!!

Posted 20 Mar 2014 in News

As you might know, Crimfall has been looking for a new singer for quite some time now. We received lots of applications from around the world (all the way from Cayman Islands), but as soon as we heard this young lady, we didn’t have to search any further. As a talented singer, Sara brings not only her fresh voice, but also positive energy and great attitude to Crimfall. We are so happy to have her in our family!!!

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Crimfall is seeking a new female singer to bolster their ranks!

Posted 21 Nov 2013 in News

Finnish herald of epic soundtrack metal is searching for a versatile and highly motivated clean vocalist. You should have ranges of softness and strength in your expression but we also appreciate personal unique touch and courage to be yourself both on stage and in studio. At the moment we are working on our third full length album so we wish you would have possibility and true passion to participate in pre-production and composition work also. Even though the focus lies in composing work at the moment we aim to start touring again next year. This means you should be able and prepared to spend longer periods on the road. All previous band and touring experience is considered a major...

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Crimfall continues without Helena and is looking for a new singer!!!

Posted 25 Oct 2013 in News

The day none of us wanted to come has arrived. In order to keep the flame of Crimfall alive, and to finish our 3rd album, it has become evident we need to find the creative spirit we once had. As the only way out from the current situation we have decided, all together, that the best solution for the band, and for each one of us individually, is that Crimfall continues on without Helena. How did we end up in a situation like this? We don’t know the answer. But as it seems that Crimfall is constantly fighting against the current state of music industry, we simply cannot win this battle if we also keep fighting against each other...

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Posted 30 Aug 2013 in News

At an early point we realized making of a new Crimfall album is a long and a hard process. To release the tension, we wanted to give you guys something to chew on – a little taste of what is coming. The new song is called Victory Or Death. As some of you might have learned from social media, the earliest versions of Victory Or Death were already done a year ago. Making an album using the method we’ve chosen takes time – we strive for perfection. We’ve never settled for the second best, ’cause we believe the world is already full of crap, and there’s no need to produce more of it. What we want from you, is...

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KRUSHFEST 2012 and 2 other shows in Poland

Posted 06 Aug 2012 in News

We will be playing 3 shows in Poland Friday 21 September 2012 ROTUNDA, Cracow Saturday 22 September 2012 KRUSHFEST 2012, Hala MOSIR, Jasło Tuesday 25 September 2012 HARD ROCK CAFE, Warsaw

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Salutations Europe, Crimfall shall be joining the Dead Tyrants Tour heralding the march of two folk metal imperators Moonsorrow and Týr! (Click this topic to check the venues)

Posted 29 Jul 2011 in News

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Booking in Europe!

Posted 10 Jul 2011 in News

From now on, our booking agency in Europe is  DRAGON PRODUCTIONS! Check them out here: We also have some great plans for the last months of the year, stay tuned, we´ll tell you more when things are confirmed…

New website sees the daylight!

Posted 11 Apr 2011 in News

The hour is finally upon us! Lay your eyes on our new Website of Winter and War! This domain shall provide you with the latest glimpse on ever marching beast that is Crimfall. From longlasting campaigns to skirmish struggles this is the place to find news about our live dates, the band in media, new releases etc. Few chosen cut bloody pieces can already be found in the Gigs section where we just marked some upcoming performances near and far. And last but not least, stay fumed for the release of “Storm Before the Calm” music video, any day now!’

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