The story behind “Waves upon their Graves”

Posted 02 Jul 2014 in News

”Waves Upon Their Graves” is an acoustic version of the song ”Frost Upon Their Graves” from the album ” The Writ of Sword”. The idea came up when we were preparing some material for the 3rd album and realized that we haven’t published any songs lately. Inspired by this, Jakke took his acoustic guitar and went through all the old songs, trying to figure out which one would suit the purpose best. The idea was to choose a song and in a way remake it so the outcome would be something new and different…. not only playing the original version with acoustic instruments.

“Frost Upon Their Graves” being such a dynamic song was chosen to the remaking process. This gave Sara the chance to stretch out her vocals and for the first time our guitar hero Jakke did some background vocals!

About the production of “Waves Upon Their Graves”, we wanted to keep it simple and have a neutral live sound and atmosphere to the song. The song builds up towards the end but it all comes down to basics, no massive orchestrations or compositions. The final inspiration came from a painting made by Petri Järvinen, which helped us to find a right mood and theme. We decided to use the painting as cover art to illustrate the song but that was all the “outside help” that was used in making of “Waves Upon Their Graves”.

We wanted you guys to have this release for free to show you how grateful we are for your support! Although this is a soft acoustic song, don’t think we’ve turn into a pop band… All the hard and good stuff is coming on the 3rd album!


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