Rockhopper Agency has signed Crimfall

Posted 04 Apr 2016 in News
Crimfall’s journey begun almost ten years ago, but they have been laying low for the past few years. Their second album already proved Crimfall to be ready for the bigger scenes, but the time was not right. Now it’s All-in with the coming third album. It is produced by the band itself and will be mixed by Swedish sound whiz Johan Örnborg at Fascination Street studios. Johan has previously worked with bands like Opeth, Amon Amarth and Paradise Lost.

“Last years we’ve been laying low and preparing our third album, that has been taking longer than expected. It has become evident that what we have in our hands is something truly remarkable, definitely an album that is going to raise the band to the next level. To fully support the release we need partners who have the faith to build this into something insanely big, talent, dedication and solid experience and we think we have found the right match with Rockhopper Agency.”

Jakke Viitala (guitar), Miska Sipiläinen (bass) and Janne Jukarainen (drums) with demonic screams of Mikko Häkkinen and heavenly vocals of Helena Haaparanta are going to drop you in the middle of an epic soundscape of a metal music adventure.

The comeback gig will be in Virgin Oil & Co in Helsinki on June 18th and this special event will also bring Kuolemanlaakso on the stage for their first gig after a year’s break.

Check out making of videos from forthcoming album:

Gigs and information:
Booking in Finland
Maria Olin-Bolin | +358 (0) 40 5943 444 |

Booking outside of Finland
Juha Juoni | +358 (0) 500 904 932 |

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